One of our hard working moms at the office brought her daughter to the office today. She was wearing a dress of ours from 2009! It looked fresh and crisp and well maintained after probably 1000 washes. This dress was handed down at least 4 times.... first given to a cousin, then to her 3 little girls ranging in age from 8, 6 and 4. Her adorable 4 year old wore it to an Easter party today! Things we care about most: quality and workmanship, comfort, easy care, and timeless style qualify this little dress for very "sustainable" fashion, in our books. The embroidery remains intact and delicate with the same vibrant colors as when it was new. The white can be washed with slight bleach, if necessary to retain the brightness but it has never been ironed! The fine 100% cotton voile just gets softer with each wash...much like fine linens. We also love that this is has been a favorite dress of each of the little girls it has been lovingly handed down to..... 😊
April 15, 2019 by Jo Anne Yamamoto